EFRESCO is a leading global portal that facilitate fruits and vegetables trading world wide. Efresco vision is to be the first global trading Virtual Market for all type of agribusiness owners from farmers , importers, exporters to distributers and retailers. EFRESCO will continuously develop the services to have full added value services to integrate the supply chain process from farmers to retailers at global level.

EFRESCO does not depend only on virtual market place but also has a Global physical representation system to support farmers and vulnerable trading links through EFRESCO EMBASSADORS.

Efresco platform include a framework to link all type of agribusiness owners in the fruits and vegetables global market. Efresco advantages include support not only B2B but also B2C which mean that EFRESCO provide services at the trading level and at retailing and distribution level as well. EFFRESCO has many multiple platforms and plans for subscription and you can try EFRESCO free.

If the supplier fails to ship your products on time or the product quality does not meet the standards set in your contract, A shop will refund the covered amount of your payment.

EFRESCO subscription Plans

  • 1

    Trading network plans for traders include gold and EMERALD.

  • 2

    Trading Network plans for Retailers include Silver plans

  • 3

    Trading Networks plans that include trading and retailing activities Platinum Plans.

Customer Reviews

Stenve Johnson

Our farm was able to reach strong importers from all the world through EFRESCO golden membership platform. EFRESCO Not only support us through online platform but also they do physical networking services.

Madison Knight

We were able to import our fruits and vegetables to our chain with more varieties and better prices using EFRESCO Platform.

Khaled Awamleh

Simple farmers in Jordan and developed world face difficulties to link to international market in Europe and USA dues to lack of globalized production and weak network to link to exporters beyond regional markets. Thanks for EFRESCO ambassador program which empowers the online Network with physical one.

Roy Art

Through EFRESCO we were able to sell online directly to our shoppers and we were able to fulfill their dynamic market demands through EFRESCO online trading network. Thanks to platinum plans.